CleanUploader Montage


An easy to use plugin for CKEditor

Build upon jQuery Upload File Plugin

Aimed for easy setup for beginners

Free to use for anyone

Active and ungoing development

What am I aiming for?

No upload restriction

Remove the images only restriction.This can easily be done by anyone if they want to. I just want to have a good way to filter the content.


As of right now data is saved in a database. At installation point be able to choose from both MySql or JSon.

Move from jQuery Upload File Plugin

Write a new script for the javascript part.


Easier to config CleanUpload after Installation. Without having to know javascript/php.

Mobile App

Mobile app integreation for easier upload on the go.

Download the latest version of CleanUploader(v1.19)

Version 1.19

install.php -> Bit better error handling
Removal of install.php after installation
File size and file type check in upload.php
Some minor changes to the interface

Version 1.13

Logout button in the navbar.
Fixed so the URL data don't disappears when logging in and installing. This did prevent user to select image after logging in.
Other minor fixes

Version 1.05

Minor bug fixes

Getting Started


First thing you need to do is download CleanUploader.

Files go where?

Extract the files from the downloaded plugin into ckeditor plugin folder. Exampel:

Enable plugin

Enable the plugin by using the extraPlugins configuration setting. Example:

config.extraPlugins = 'cleanuploader';


Run install.php and fill out the form and click install. Remember that you need MySql and be able to run .php files.

CleanUpload Install